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Free Electricity

Watch the videos on your browser.  The best time to watch is late at night when there is less activity on the internet. The video will start if you have installed the RealPlayer™ Video player.  For instructions on installing the player go down a few paragraphs to ***PLEASE NOTE:

Our goal is set millions of American families free of the gird and make it possible for them to have no more electricity bills for the rest of their lives.

The following three videos are a technology show that was presented to the public in July, 2000 where we demonstrated many new technologies and introduced our plan to free America from the grid.  Sorry but the quality of these videos is not very good because they were shot before the days of high resolution cameras.
Act 1     Act 2      Act 3      (Total time of the videos is 2 hours) 

This following videos are demo of additional technologies that were not included in the public show in July.  These are additional technologies that could be used to make "free electricity". Negawatt and Tesla Coil Demo       Nutrino Demo.   We also have a video called "A Case for Free Electricity". None of these technologies are being pursued at this time.

You may also want to visit our slide show to see still images of the generator and motor that are shown above.