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Sundance Generator - Front View

The Sundance generator is the most maintainable generator in the world. This version contains 30 modules, 15 on the front and 15 on the back. These modules contain the windings for the generator. With the windings for a traditional generator fail the generator is usually discarded. When the windings on one of the modules on the Sundance generator breaks, it can be replaced, while the generator is still producing power. 

This model of the generator can produce 30 kilowatts per hour when it is driven a full speed. This generator is also unique in that it can produce power a speeds as low as 350 RPM. Most generators run at about 1800 RPM. 

This version of the generator is about 36" on a side and about 12" thick. We believe we can make a version that is about 8 foot square that will generator 500 kilowatts per hour. The small version could be used for homes while a large one could be used for commercial applications.