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Status Update

Please note: This page is updated any time there is something significant to report on the free electricity project or any of our products. If there has not been a new posting for a while, it only means that there is nothing significant to report. Please do no send us an email asking for a status update. All status updates will be posted on this page. Please do not ask us how many have people have registered for free electricity. We can't answer this question because UCSA does not release that information.


New site features:
A lot of new features have been implemented on this web site. Click here to read more about it.


Plan B is here:
If you read the entry for 5/18/06 you know that we talked about Plan B taking affect if we didn't have our 1.6 million "witnesses" by 5/1/07. Well May 1, 2007 arrived and we were not able to get our witnessed so Plan B is here. When we announced Plan B last year it was not very clear what Plan B might look like. Now that it has arrived, it has become a little clearer what it will mean. The biggest change is in our attitude. We will no longer be concerned about the negative impact we will cause to the electric companies and other big business in America when we introduce our technology. However, we also know that we still need the grass roots support that 1.6 million "witnesses" will give us. So we are still working on getting our witnesses. We still plan to demonstrations in 100 stadiums all across America on the day we release our free electricity technology. Several things will happen during the next year that will make it a lot easier to get our witness. I'm not ready to share all of those plans but rest assured the next year will be very busy.

PICC available later but interim solution available now:
One thing I can share that will be tremendous help in getting our "witnesses" in the next year is that we will be releasing the engine modification technology (PICC) that I mentioned on 2/23/07. Our latest testing with PICC indicates it should give a 300% or more improvement in gas mileage! That means if you are currently getting 30 mpg that with PICC installed you should receive 90 mpg or more! We expect that this technology will sell like hotcakes when we release it. We'll give everyone who buys a PICC kit a free electricity certificate so they can be a witness at our demos. We are currently accepting requests for a price quote on PICC for those who want to be first in line to get this remarkable technology when it is released. We won't be shipping PICC for several more months. In the mean time, we have an alternative technology that we have already started shipping that will give people some relief from high gas prices. This alternative will provide between a 50% (for 8 cylinder engines) and 100% (for 4 cylinder engines) improvement in mileage. Then if you want to upgrade to PICC when it becomes available, you will receive a credit for the complete price of the interim solution toward your PICC purchase. The interim solution will only be made available to our customers who request a PICC price quote. So if you need some immediate relief from high gas prices, go here to watch the PICC video and request a price quote. After you get you request a price quote we will send you additional information about the interim solution that is shipping now.


Engine Modification Technologies :
I have not posted anything on this page for about 9 months and it may have seemed as if not much was going on. But we have been very busy. The company has been working on research and development for various engine modification technologies. All of these technologies are designed to increase fuel efficiency and dramatically reduce air pollution. We call one of these technologies the Pre-Ignition Catalytic Converter (PICC). Our testing to date has yielded some significant improvements in fuel efficiency. You can view 30 minutes of video (broken up into 3 parts) on what we are doing on by clicking here. The videos will teach you a lot about what we are doing. One of the demonstrations on the first video shows that we can run a lawnmower engine in closed loop which means there is absolutely no exhaust. We believe we can apply this technology to 2 cycle motor scooter engines. The target market for a closed loop motor scooter engine would be Asia where these scooters are the chief form of motorized transportation. The problem with these scooters is that they pollute far worse than cars (click here and here for more info). We are hoping to meet scooter manufacturers in nations where these scooters are heavily used to offer our technology. The 2nd video discusses what we are planning on doing with cars in the US and Canada. After viewing the video, you may want to request a price quote on this PICC technology. The PICC web site allows you to request the price quote. Just in case you are wondering, we have not given up on brining free electricity to the world. We are still trying to get the 1.6 million witnesses we are seeking.


Plan A vs Plan B
Those of you who have been following our efforts to bring "free electricity" to America for a while know that we have been trying to get our 1.6 million "witnesses" since at least 1999. Our attempt to get our witnesses and demonstrate the "free electricity" technology in 100 stadiums across the US is now called Plan A. We have been interfered with and harassed at every turn. You are probably tired of waiting for us to bring it to the market and so are we. We have decided that we will give the "powers that be" one more year, until May 1, 2007, to stop the interference and obtain our witnesses. If we don't get our witnesses by that date, we will go to Plan B. We believe that Plan A is the easiest way to transition society to our revolutionary technologies; but, if society as a whole is not willing to allow us to use Plan A, then we will do Plan B. You can click here to read our public notice about Plan B. Feel free to save a copy of the public notice and send it to every public official and media person you can. We (UCSA and all the dealers) would greatly prefer to accomplish Plan A because it would have far less negative impact on our families and our society. If you are also concerned , the best thing you can do to help us achieve Plan A is join us in working hard to recruit our witnesses. For information on recruiting others, see the "Income Opp." section of this web site.


UCSA launches an MLM
UCSA and its network of dealers is continuing our efforts to recruit 1.6 million witnesses for the free electricity project. Toward that end, UCSA has started a new MLM (multi-level marketing) company called Better World Alternatives (BWA). This effort has gotten off to a very rapid start. You can click here to visit the web site. The web site has all the details of the compensation plan for the MLM as well as a lot of other information. Check it out and we think you will be as excited about it as we are.


Working with churches
At this point, we are still working to recruit 1.6 million witnesses to receive free electricity. The primary efforts to recruit "witnesses" at this point is being done by working with churches. This effort involves recruiting pastors and then letting the pastors recruit their people. This approach is possible because UCSA has decided to donate their portion of the profits from free electricity sales to churches. This could mean about $50,000/year for each member the church gets to sign up. The program is being set up in a way that is completely risk free (it costs them no money to participate) to the churches and to the members. Those who wish to help in our efforts can recruit pastors in one of two ways: getting the pastor a "pastors kit" or getting the pastor to sign up for the Kingdom Grant. The "pastors kits" contains a DVD that is almost 4 hours long. Hopefully after watching the DVD, the pastor will agree to recruit his member. If the pastor signs up for the Kingdom Grant, he will also receive a "pastor's kit". Once the pastor has agreed to recruit members in his church, the pastor will be supplied with a "members kit" that includes a 40 minute video that explains what they have been registered for. We also need people who are willing to "sponsor" these "member kits". If you wish to help us by either recruiting pastors or by sponsoring the "member kits", please use the information on the Contact Us page to send us an email. We'll be happy to explain how you can help.


New national tour
UCSA has begun a new national tour. They hope to have approximately 150 shows in this tour. Most if not all of the shows in this tour will be private shows for churches and similar organizations. UCSA dealers will be working to fill up the tour schedule. When a show is done for a church, everyone who attends the show will have the opportunity to sign up to received free electricity at no cost, not even a processing fee. This is part of our continuing efforts to register 1.6 million people before we release the technology. If you would like to try to set up a show for your church, please contact us (see the Contact Us page).


slow progress:
By this time, the he Seventh Day Adventists (SDA) were suppose to have appointment 100,000 stewards for the National Union of American Families (NUAF). But they have not achieved this goal and it is not clear what the reason  may be for the delay at this point. One can only conclude that it doesn't appear that the SDA has much of a sense of urgency about getting the stewards appointed. So the UCSA dealers are forging ahead trying to get the witnesses ourselves. We are also in the process of getting some new potential dealers in the network through the Master Recruiter program (see the 2/18/04 update). These Master Recruiters will be working hard with the existing dealers to get the 1.6 million witnesses recruited.

History of UCSA:
Dennis Lee, the head of UCSA, is putting the history of the company on a series of audio files which are available on http://www.soundwaves2000.com/jgs/.  If you have any questions about what the company has been through while attempting to release the technology, this would be an excellent resource.


stewards recruiting going well:
Tim Henderson, the point man in the Seventh Day Adventists (SDA) recruiting efforts, is currently doing a nation tour (see the 2/3/04 update below). He is meeting with regional presidents in the SDA denomination. The meetings are going very well. He has reported if only 12% of their churches respond, they will reach the goal of recruiting 100,000 stewards. The preliminary indications from the tour is that it may be possible to have as high as a 40-50% response rate from their churches. If they get a response rate that is this high, it is possible that they could get as many as 400,000 stewards by the middle of March (when Mr. Henderson's tour ends). Time will tell but thus are it is very encouraging.

Earn a UCSA dealership:
UCSA and the dealer network is not resting our laurels waiting for NUAF and SDA to get us the 1.6 million witnesses. We are still recruiting members as well. Dennis Lee (head of UCSA) has just gone on record as saying he will give a UCSA dealership to anyone who will recruit a significant number of witness for an existing UCSA dealer. If you are interested in this opportunity, go to the Contact Us page, send us an email and we will give you more details.


picking stewards:
The Seventh Day Adventists (SDA) denomination has had their annual meeting for the leadership and they have commitments from 2850 churches to appoint NUAF stewards. The point man for this effort (Tim Henderson) will begin a whirlwind tour on 2/4/04 crisscrossing America to work with regional SDA leaders to pick the stewards in the local churches. Mr. Henderson is confident that they will be able to have most if not all of the 100,000 stewards in identified by the mid to late March. The job of each of these stewards is to recruit between 9 and 20 members for NUAF (each member can be a free electricity "witnesses"). The SDA plans to recruit most of the NUAF members from outside of their denomination but as a fallback plan, they can recruit within their churches. The SDA denomination has several million members. So the stewards should have no trouble getting the number of "witnesses" UCSA needs to release the "free electricity" technology (remember UCSA wants 1.6 million "witnesses" they will release the technology). But the SDA doesn't plan to stop there. They plan to recruit 1,000,000 NUAF stewards by the end of 2004 which should mean somewhere between 10 and 20 million members for NUAF. 

If you are interested in recruiting for the "free electricity" program and therefore have the potential income that goes with it, there is still time to recruit people independent of what the NUAF and SDA are doing. For more information, please see the "Recruiters" and "Income Opp." pages on this web site. 


set to launch in January 2004:
As you know, the NUAF has been able to raise the funds to sponsor 100,000 "steward" positions for the Seventh Day Adventists (SDA) denomination. The SDA has decided that they will not launch their recruiting efforts until January of 2004. The SDA leadership believes they can recruit 1,000,000 members for NUAF (and therefore 1,000,000 witnesses for the free electricity project) by the end of the summer of 2004. 


sponsorships complete:
UCSA has announced that the NUAF "steward" sponsorship program has been completed. NUAF has been able to raise the funds to sponsor 100,000 "steward" positions in the Seventh Day Adventists (SDA) denomination plus another  20,000 sponsored "steward" positions for the Catholic Church. The SDA's goal is to have all 100,000 of their steward positions filled sometime during the last quarter of 2003. Each steward will be responsible to recruit at least 10 other people into NUAF. Once the stewards have completed this recruiting job, UCSA should have all the "witnesses" we need to release the "free electricity" technology. 


added 20,000 sponsorship positions:
UCSA made an announcement over this past weekend at meeting of its dealers that NUAF has received funds to sponsor 100,000 "steward" positions.  If you have been keeping up with these updates you know that most of these positions will be with members of the Seventh Day Adventists (SDA) denomination. This is as a result of the agreement that has been reached between NUAF and SDA. The head of NUAF, Jesse Epps, had a good friend who was a cardinal (we understand that he is retired at this point) in the Catholic Church. This cardinal implored Jesse to open an additional 20,000 sponsored "steward" positions for the Catholic Church. Mr. Epps has agreed to open the additional 20,000 positions. But best estimates at this point is that only 7,000 of these positions remain (13,000 have already been sponsored). There also appears to be significant interest from at least three other major denominations and one labor union. There is no word yet if NUAF will open sponsored positions for these groups.  


only has about 2,300 sponsorship positions left:
As you may know, NUAF wanted to sponsor 100,000 "stewards". At this point, NUAF only has about 2,300 sponsorship positions remaining. In the past, we have mentioned that NUAF was working with a major Christian denomination to recruit the 100,000 stewards. We can now reveal that this denomination is the Seventh Day Adventists (SDA). When NUAF has all 100,000 sponsorships positions filled, NUAF and the SDA leadership will expect each steward to recruit 9 more people. NUAF & SDA the leadership expect that this will only take about three to four months once all the stewards are in place and trained. This is very good news indeed for our free electricity program.  It means that we should begin  to see very large number of "witnesses" registered within the next couple of quarters (baring no unforeseen circumstances). 


only has 15k sponsorship positions left:
At this point, NUAF only has about 15,000 sponsorship positions remaining.  


reaches agreement with Maine & Idaho:
You may remember that back during 1999 and 2001 national tours, UCSA under attack by several states. The battle with many of these states have been on-going. Now UCSA has reached an agreement with two states, Maine and Idaho. You can read the details of this agreement by clicking here.


no longer signing up members:
As a result of the effort to sponsor stewards (see 2/19/03 update), NUAF is no longer signing up members directly into their program. At this point, only a steward can sign up members. The membership sign-up has been removed from the NUAF web site.


only has 26k sponsorship positions left:
At this point, NUAF only has about 26,000 sponsorship positions remaining. 


NUAF will test pilot with 100K members with large church denomination
Jessie Epps, president of NUAF, has gotten an agreement with a major church denomination in the US to do a pilot of 100,000 members in NUAF. The leadership of this denomination have agreed to allow NUAF to recruit 100,000 members from among their ranks. All 100,000 of these membership positions must be sponsored memberships. This means that the $15 membership fee for all 100,000 of these initial memberships must be paid by outside sources. Thanks to the generosity of NUAF recruiters/sponsors, NUAF already has the funds to pay the initial membership fees of about 50,000 out of the 100,000 that are needed. NUAF still need sponsorship funds for the remaining 50,000 positions.

NUAF plans to have all 100,000 of these initial positions to be "stewards" for the family union. The job of each steward will be to recruit an additional 9 or more family units in their area. The steward and all the people they recruit will be enrolled in the free electricity program at no cost. This means that when all the stewards have recruited nine more people that UCSA should have enough people, witnesses, to release the free electricity technology. 

The need to raise funds to sponsor 50,000 more stewards is good news for those who wish to sponsor the stewards. The sponsor will get credit for the steward and the first nine people that steward recruits. 


Dennis Lee apologizes for missing 12/28/02 date
Many of you are aware that in the 6/5/02 update on this page, Dennis Lee of UCSA went of record as saying he planned to release the free electricity technology on 12/28/02. By now, you probably know that UCSA has decided that they will not be able to release the technology on 12/28/02, see the 10/9/02 update on this page. Dennis Lee has established a status update phone message where he explains this decision to not release on 12/28/02 and where he apologizes for ever having given a release date before he had gotten 1.6 million witnesses. You can listen to his status update message at this phone number, 212-461-8738. If you are registered for free electricity, please listen to this update.

New Rules for Recruiters:
If you are marketing the free electricity program, there are rules which you must abide by. These rules are posted on the income opportunities page. If you are marketing free electricity, you are implicitly agreeing to follow these rules. If you do not follow these rules, you actions are not sanctioned by Innovative Technologies.


Support for recruiters
We have made a number of changes to this web site to assist those who wish to recruit for free electricity. We have added a Recruiter page where various information is provided to recruiters. A link to this page has been added to the navigation bar. We have changed the free electricity registration page to require a recruiter ID. We know many of our existing customers will want to recruit for free electricity. So, we have assigned a customer number to all individuals who have already registered for free electricity via Innovative Technologies or Innovative Technical Solutions. The customer number can be used as a recruiter ID. You can locate your customer number by clicking here. If you recruit someone for free electricity and they use your customer number, you can be assured that you will get credit for recruiting them.


NUAF No Longer Has Exclusive Right to Register People for Free Electricity
In the update on 10/30/02, we indicated that NUAF was in default on their contract with UCSA to provide "witnesses" for the free electricity program. UCSA has decided that NUAF will no longer be given the exclusive right to register "witnesses". UCSA will still honor the contract for the "witnesses" NUAF has gotten thus far and they will continue to allow NUAF to get "witnesses". If you are a recruiter for NUAF, this means that NUAF will be able to provide the incentives they promised you for each person you get to join the union (20,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per year) once the free electricity is released. You can still recruit NUAF members and receive this benefit. UCSA is still recommending that people join NUAF and become sponsors.

Innovative Technologies Can Register People for Free Electricity:
UCSA is now allowing their dealers, including Innovative Technologies, to register people for the free electricity program, recruit "witnesses. Effective immediately, two things will happen: 1) this web site will be opened up to accept registration requests for the free electricity program 2) anyone who is registered for the free electricity program through this dealership can recruit others for the free electricity program. Visit the sign up offer page for details on the offer to register for free electricity. Information about the benefits of becoming a recruiter for the Innovative Technologies recruiter program can be found on income opportunities page.


NUAF Did Not Get Funding & In Default
The announcement of 10/9/02 indicated that NUAF had found a funding source to pay for sponsorships for members. We have now been informed that NUAF was not able to get the contract signed to sponsor members as was previously thought. The contract between NUAF and UCSA required that NUAF get an average of 20,000 "witnesses" per week during the month of October. NUAF is now in default of this clause of their contract.  This means that contract period of October 2002 through April 2003 to get the rest of the "witnesses" is also in jeopardy. UCSA is in the process of trying to decide if they will continue to grant NUAF the exclusive right to register people for the free electricity program. More on this topic as soon as we know anything definitive.


NUAF Funding Source
and New Release Date Likely:
I'm sure most of you have been anxiously awaiting the release of the free electricity technology. As you are probably aware, UCSA had announced their intention to release the technology on 12/28/02 (see 6/05/02 update entry). That release date was predicated upon the NUAF getting the remainder of the of the initial 1.6 million "witnesses" for the release of the technology. UCSA says, and we agree, that it would be disastrous for the free electricity program to be released without the "witnesses".  While NUAF has been adding "witnesses", it has not been adding nearly enough to satisfy the contract NUAF has with UCSA (see 4/17/02 and 4/24/02 updates). NUAF has been working hard to get members from unions and church groups (see 7/22/02 update) and NUAF has gotten a verbal commitment for a major labor union to fill the remaining "witness" slots. But the labor union has never signed a formal contract with NUAF to supply members and the labor union has not actually added any members. This is disappointing since the labor union was suppose to finalize their agreement with NUAF in a contract by the middle of September. 

Evidently the labor union has not been able to figure out how to fund the $15 membership fee required to sponsor each of it's members into NUAF. The good news is that NUAF thinks it has solved this problem. NUAF has found an organization says they want to sponsor members into NUAF. NUAF says they are about to sign a contract with this "funding" group. Based upon this contract, UCSA has signed a revised contract with NUAF that contains a performance clause similar to the one signed in April 2002. The performance period for this new contract is from October 2002 through April 2003. If NUAF is able to perform under this contract, they should have the required "witnesses" by the end of April 2003. 

The new contracts between UCSA and NUAF and between NUAF and the "funding" group is good news for NUAF recruiters. Recruiters can continue to recruit members for NUAF in as high a volume as they can achieve. At the end of each month, the total number of members added by recruiters will be subtracted from the recruitment goal for that month. If there are many slots remaining, the "funding" group will sponsor the remaining slots. Presumably, these sponsored slots will be filled by labor union members. This means that recruiters can still bring members into NUAF and earn potential future commissions of 20,000 kwh of electricity for each member they recruit. 

At this point, UCSA has not given a new projected date for the release of the technology. UCSA has said that it is very unlikely that the 12/28/02 release will happen. They have also said that assuming NUAF fulfills it's performance clause that a release shortly after the end of April would be possible. UCSA has also indicated that if NUAF gets the "witnesses" faster than required by the contract, an earlier release date would be possible. We'll all just have to be patient a little longer to see when the technology might be released.


NUAF Recruiter Performance
NUAF has made a change in the Recruiter Agreement. They have added a performance clause that requires a recruiter to add an average of at least one new member per month. If means that if you got 12 members in one month, you achieved the requirement for 12 months. This new clause is effective immediately and applies to all new recruiters. If you were a recruiter before this date and you have recruited at least one member, you will be grand-fathered from this new requirement.


Difficulties of releasing free electricity technology
Over the past several years, many of my customers have asked why is so difficult to release free electricity technology. They intuitively understand that this is something that everyone in the world could benefit from. We have tried to explain the problems associated with such a release on a number of occasions. But we have now discovered an excellent article written by Dr. Peter Lindemann, that does an excellent job of explaining why this task is so difficult. We have taken the liberty of publishing excerpts of his article on this web site (just in case the original disappears from the web as so often happens). We encourage you to read the article. It explains why our efforts to release free electricity technology have proven to be so difficult. 


Changed our Domain Name
On 8/20/2002, we changed our domain name from "innovativetechsolutions.com" to "innovativetech.us". We felt that the new shorter domain name would be easier for people to remember and access on the web. We hope to accomplish this change in a seamless way so that you any request you make to the old web address, "www.innovativetechsolutions.com", it will automatically forward to the new domain name, "www.innovativetech.us". We have also forwarded email sent to the email addresses in the old domain name to the corresponding address in the new domain. If you have the old web site book marked on your computer or old email addresses in your address book, you will want to change these to use the new domain name. We plan to continue to provide the same level of service to our customers.


NUAF online membership registration active again! 

The online membership registration page for NUAF (National Union of American Families) is now active again. The page has been down for a couple of weeks because NUAF's merchant account has not been available. This problem was resolved yesterday and the page is now active again.


NUAF has commitments from two large organization! 

The NUAF (National Union of American Families) has two large organizations who have both given a commitment to take all remaining registrations for free electricity prior to the 12/28/02 technology release. Jesse Epps, head of NUAF, has met with the leaders of both groups between 7/10 and 7/18. One group is one of the largest unions in America. The union wants all of the remaining registrations toward the full 16 million (the remainder of the initial 1.6 million prior to technology release and 14.4 million after the release). The other group is one of the large Christian denominations in America which has over 10 million members. The union group will not finalize their agreement with NUAF until after Labor Day due to summer vacation schedules within the union leadership. The church is actively working to complete the agreement before the union does. Neither group wants NUAF to work with the other group as they want all the certificates for their constituents. NUAF has told both groups that it will continue to purse all avenues for registering members until all of the 'free electricity' certificates are filled. That's good news for NUAF recruiters. It means you still have time to recruit NUAF members and you also have time to donate money to the NUAF to sponsor members. All recruiting activity will have to stop as soon as one of these groups completes their agreement with NUAF. We don't know when this will occur so we will not be able to give any warning. Our suggestion is to work hard and make the most of the opportunity while the door is still open.

Summer Gas Impacts TEEG Performance
As you may be aware, UCSA has released an exciting fuel modification system, TEEG, which significantly improved fuel efficiency in automobiles. However, we have discovered something rather disturbing. The performance of this technology, and some of the others we were experimenting with, can be impacted by the way the gas is formulated. We discovered that the formulation of the gas can be used to "program" the computers which control the fuel injectors. The net result is a drastic reduction in fuel efficiency.  We discovered this when the gas formula changed for the summer driving season, something that happens every year due to EPA regulations for summer months in large metropolitan areas. This leaves us in a position where others can control the efficacy of a product we are trying to market. Under these circumstances we would be unable to guarantee the performance of the TEEG system. We have decided to suspend our marketing of TEEG until a solution can be found. But the good news is that we expect to have an answer in the coming months. 

Biomass Converter
It looks as if UCSA will be moving forward with development of a technology that will allow any standard gas engine to burn biomass (anything that grows from plants). A test of this kind of technology was completed in 1974 when a postal Jeep was modified to use the converter. The Jeep ran for 20,000 miles on a 60 pound sack of corn over a one year period. I've recently seen a prototype demonstrated and I'm very excited about what this technology could do for our nation. It could:  1) drastically reduce what families are spending on fuel  2) virtually eliminate all pollution by automobiles thus greatly improve the quality of our air  3) end our dependence on all foreign oil and  4) give our farmer a ready market for any crop they care to produce thus eliminating the need for farm subsidies. It will be very exciting to see what happens when this technology is released. We don't have any project released date but we hope it will occur by the end of the year. 


NUAF may complete initial registration soon! 

The NUAF (National Union of American Families) may complete all of the registrations required to fulfill their contract with UCSA by as early as 7/18. Between now and 7/18, the NUAF is meeting with two groups. Each groups are so large that it could take all of the remaining slots for the free electricity program that are available before the technology is released on 12/28/02. If either of these groups signs an agreement to take the remaining slots, the opportunity for other recruiters to continue recruiting would probably be over. 

You may have a goal to recruit a certain number of people for the free electricity program. However,  your opportunity may be about over and it could end by 7/18/02. However, there are still a few days to react. Here is was we would suggest if you still want to reach a certain goal. First, if you have not registered to be an NUAF recruiter, do so immediately. Second, print out the NUAF Sponsor Agreement and fill it out. Be sure to put your own recruiter ID and name in the fields for "Recruiter No." and "Recruiter Name". We would strongly suggest that you mail the agreement along with the money for sponsoring the members using Express Mail no later than close of business on Friday, 7/12/02. Mail the agreement and payment to this address:  NUAF, Administrative Services, P.O. Box 1570, Mechanicsville, VA 23116. If you have any questions, you can contact us.


Access your registration information online 

For almost a year, people have been asking that they be able to check the data we are storing for accuracy and they have wanted to be able to determine the number of referrals they have. We have hired Insight Solutions to do some custom web development work for us to accomplish both of these requests.  So, you will notice a new menu section in the navigation bar on the left side of the window which says 'Customers'. Click on the '+' button next to customers and you will see a menu it 'Cust. Status'. You can use this page to display your own record. One piece of information is the method you used to register. If you have not fulfilled your obligation to pay or recruit some number of people, that information will be displayed. Another pieces of information it will display is the number of referrals you have. If you have any referrals, it will allow you to display a list of the referrals and their payment status. Let us know if there are other things you would like added.

No longer offering Mileage Miracle 
You may be aware that we have been offering a fuel system modification system called Mileage Miracle. UCSA is no longer offering this product. It appears that the inventor of this technology is infringing on the patent of another technology.


Free electricity technology may be released on 12/28/02 

There has been some confusion over the release date for the free electricity technology. The status update of 10/17/01 said we would "like to release" the technology on July 4, 2002. But this date was dependent upon us finishing our recruiting the initial 1.6 million witnesses by that date. The status update from 3/13/02 announced the exclusive recruiting arrangement with the NUAF and said they believed the could complete the recruiting of 1.6 million witnesses in time for a 7/4/02 release date. The status update entry for 4/17/02 made it clear that the NUAF was not going to be able to complete the job of recruiting by 7/4/02 but that UCSA would "definitely release the technology by the end of 2002". The status update entry on 4/24/02 announced said that UCSA would release the technology "no later than 12/28/02". This date was the latest possible date we would release the technology. That announcement stated that if NUAF was able to get the 1.6 million witnesses earlier, that the technology might be released earlier. The possibility of an earlier release date was a misunderstanding on my part. UCSA has made it clear that 12/28/02 will be the release date. There is no longer any requirement to having registered 1.6 million people but UCSA is confident that NUAF can complete this job by the 12/28 date. There will be 100 demo locations, two in each state, in America on 12/28/02. For those who are Jewish, Seventh Day Adventists or others who worship on Saturday, there will also be demos on the 12/29/02 (Sunday). UCSA plans to send out a letter to all who are registered, letting you know the exact locations. Once these locations have been publish, I will attempt publish them on this site. These letters will probably be mailed during the first week on December. Until these letters are sent, we will not know where the demos will be done. We have been told that the letter will contain a bar coded ticket which will greatly speed up admission to the demo. You don't have to have these tickets to get in as anyone can attend. But it will make the check-in process much faster if you bring it with you. 

All who have registered for free electricity will have to attend one of these demonstrations in order to qualify for free electricity. If you are unable to attend, you may send a representative. Your representative must have to have a notarized letter from you stating that he/she is representing you. The letter should contain your name, installation address, your certificate number and the name of your representative.


Register to be an NUAF recruiter online 

Progress is being made on the NUAF web site. The NUAF web site which should eventually include the following: the ability to register for membership online, a virtual mall, product information, product catalog and price sheets which can be printed, and various marketing materials. The ability to register as a recruiter is already up and operational. Using this online process, you will get your recruiter number immediately after registering and a confirmation email (if you enter a valid email address when you register). You can access the online recruiter agreement  by clicking on the "+" next to "NUAF" in the navigation bar. Then click on "Recruiter Agreement". The membership application and the sponsor agreement are also available but at this point they are still forms which must be printed out and mailed in. 


NUAF forms available

The forms to join NUAF (National Union of American Families), and thereby be registered to receive free electricity, are now available. The forms to become a recruiter for NUAF and to sponsor members into NUAF are also available. Each of these forms are designed to be printed out and mailed into the NUAF. To access the forms, click on the "+" next to "NUAF" in the navigation bar. As further information becomes available, pages will be added to the NUAF section. 


NUAF recruiting program update

We still do not have further information about the NUAF (National Union of American Families) recruiting program. We hope to have the application form to join NUAF (and receive free electricity as a benefit) and the application form to become an NUAF recruiter within the next few days. We will add the information to this page as soon as it becomes available. 

We do have a few additional details at this point. NUAF was formed as a union in 1972. It was chartered as a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization under IRS rules. It is chartered in all 50 states and in Canada. NUAF is a union designed to bring the benefits of collective bargaining to families and help protect family values in America. NUAF plans to do for families what AARP has done for senior citizens. The cost to join NUAF in the past has been an initial fee of $10 and then $8 per month. NUAF has created an introductory offer which allows anyone to join this union for $15 for the first year. Those who join will receive 26,000 kwh of free electricity on their home each year when UCSA releases the technology. If you are already registered for free electricity, you will not get more free electricity by joining NUAF.

If you want to recruit for NUAF, it will require a mind set change. You will be recruiting for the union of families rather than recruiting for free electricity. The union has a lot of creditability and endorsements from leaders all across America. NUAF will publish the list of people who are on their steering committee which includes some of the best know people in America. The credibility of NUAF and the members of the steering committee will provide the credibility we have so desperately needed. You will be able to recruit in Canada and all the states, except Oregon (we hope this will be temporary). The income potential of recruiting for NUAF is substantial. You do not have to join NUAF to become a recruiter for them. For each person a recruiter gets to join the union, NUAF will provide 20,000 kwh of electricity each  year which will be sold and the revenue given to the recruiter. At 5 cents/ kwh, this would be $1000/year. The recruiter will also get 10% commission on the sale of all products that the new member buys through NUAF. Because of NUAF's non-profit status, recruiters will have the option of sponsoring others into NUAF by paying the first year $15 membership fee. In such a case, the sponsor would pay the $15 fee for some number of people and NUAF would find the member for you. The sponsor will receive the same commissions as a recruiter. 


Remainder of recruiting for initial 1.6 million only through NUAF

As we indicated in the update last week, registration for free electricity through our program ends today, effective immediately. People will still able to register for free electricity through the National Union of American Families (NUAF). We do not have much information yet on how to register for free electricity through NUAF nor on how to register to be a recruiter for NUAF. Here is what we know so far. The price to join NUAF will be $15 per year. NUAF members will enjoy a variety of benefits including being registered for free electricity at no additional cost and the ability to buy products at a discount. NUAF recruiters will get 20,000 kilowatt hours (kwh) of electricity each year in commission for each person they recruit. At 5 cents per kwh that would be $1000 per year. The recruiter will also get a commission on any products that their members purchase. Recruiters will be able to sponsor members into NUAF by paying their $15 fee. NUAF recruiters will only be permitted to use advertising provided by NUAF. Recruiting for NUAF should be significantly easier since they will bring a lot of credibility to the table. They will have a steering committee of some of the best known people in America and we will be able to use the names of these individuals in our recruiting efforts. NUAF has a performance clause in their contract with UCSA that they must meet. If they meet the performance clause, the job of recruiting 1.6 million people will be completed this year. Dennis Lee has committed that he will release the free electricity technology by December 28, 2002 at the latest even if we don't get 1.6 million people registered. We could release the technology earlier than 12/28/02 if we get 1.6 million registered earlier.


Group recruiting unions has taken remainder of slots

UCSA has reached an agreement with the group (see 3/13/02 entry on this page) which is recruiting among the unions in America to take the remaining slots among the initial 1.6 million registrations. All registrations done by all other dealers must be completed and submitted to UCSA headquarters by 4/24/02. We will not longer accept registrations from any source (internet, mail, fax, etc.) after 4/24/02. As of that time, we will modify the web site to no longer accept registrations. Any registrations received via the mail as of that date will be returned.

This does not mean that all registrations will be cut-off however. Those who have been recruiting for this dealership or for NASDAC will be able to continue to recruit with the new organization. I will not have the details on how to recruit for the new program. As soon as the details are available, we will put a notice on this page.

The union group is not sure how long it will take to complete the job of recruiting of 1.6 million witnesses. They are now fairly sure they will not have the job done by July 4, 2002. However, Dennis Lee has promised that he will definitely release the technology by the end of 2002. 

Recruiting for the NASDAC program is now over. Dennis Lee indicates that he announced this on last weeks NASDAC recruiter conference call. Those who are in the NASDAC program will continue to be members. Those who are NASDAC recruiters can recruit for the new program. We will make details available by 4/24/02.


No notice advance when 1.6 million reached

The registration program with the unions has gotten under way and is making good progress. The unions are mailing response cards to their members who can return the card to get free electricity. The unions will probably batch all of their responses into one large mailing to UCSA. Therefore, there will probably be no warning when we have reached the 1.6 million registration goal. For those of you who are recruiting and sponsoring others, this means the opportunity to get people registered at a low price (prior to the technology being released) is now! We probably will not be able to give you any warning when the recruiting for the initial phase (first 1.6 million) is over. That doesn't mean others won't be able to register. But they would have to wait until the technology has been released and the price will be $1000 or more.

NASDAC confusion
During the past couple of weeks there has been some confusion over the status of the NASDAC program. Evidently a NASDAC Recruiter Advisor at headquarters got overly zealous and was telling people that NASDAC recruiting was over. This information was not true. You can still recruit people (churches and businesses too) for NASDAC. There are some changes however. NASDAC will no longer assist accept new requests for the sponsor program. That means you can still sponsor others (pay their $15 membership fee) but you will have to recruit the members yourselves as UCSA will assist with the recruiting portion. If you have already submitted a request to sponsor members, NASDAC will help you find the members. But they are not accepting any new requests to assist in the recruiting efforts for new sponsored members. For churches and businesses who want to have sponsored memberships for the members or employees, there is still some money available for this purpose.

Short wave frequency for radio program
For the foreseeable future, the short wave frequency for the weekly radio program will be 12.16 MHz for both hours. As I understand it, this is subject to change with the seasons.


Have agreement with group to help get 1.6 million witnesses! 

Dennis Lee has reached an agreement with a large groups that will help us reach our 1.6 million witnesses goal. This group will work toward fulfilling the 1.6 million. Dennis Lee is confident that that they have the contacts to achieve the goal. This group has tremendous contacts among the major labor unions in the U.S. I understand that one of the individuals in this group was the Secretary of Labor under Lyndon Johnson. The group has access to the heads of the major unions in this nation. They plan to recruit most of the remaining people through the unions. They and Dennis Lee are confident that they can complete the job of registering 1.6M quickly. In fact, they hope to complete the goal in time to release the technology for a July 4, 2002 demonstration (100 locations all across America). Everyone who is registered will have to come to one of these demonstrations to qualify for free electricity. We are very excited to have the help of this group.

UCSA dealers and their recruiters (anyone registered for free electricity through this dealership can be a recruiter, see Income Opportunities for details) can continue to recruit people for the free electricity program. So you still have an window of opportunity. The agreement is the best possible situations for everyone. 

Price increase for registration. 
UCSA has increased the price that dealers pay for the free electricity certificates by $4. Therefore, we must past this price increase on to those who want to register for free electricity. The price to register for free electricity will increase from $5 to $9 and the price for the Energy Independence video will increase from $14.95 to $18.95. These changes will take affect on the web site immediately. I will honor the old registration and video prices received by mail until 3/20/02. To assist you with you recruiting, you can download the latest 2 page flier in either MS Word 2000 or RTF format. 

Change is Public Awareness Kits
In the past, a Public Awareness Kit came with 10 certificates. As of today, The kit will only come with a single registration for free electricity. Furthermore, the period to redeem any outstanding certificates that came with kits previously purchased has now ended (see the 10/31/01 accouchement which foreshadowed this event). 


Close to agreement with group to help get 1.6 million witnesses! 

Dennis Lee will be having a 2nd meeting with the head of a large organization tomorrow (3/7/02). Dennis met with this individual last week (see 2/27 entry on this page). It is possible that they will reach an agreement during this week.


Another organization interested in completing the 1.6 million witnesses

Today Dennis Lee announced that he met with yet another organization who has expressed an interest in helping us achieve our goal of recruiting 1.6 million witnesses (a goal that must be achieved before we will release the technology). He has not revealed who the organization is but he says they have a lot of members in place already and they could easily complete our 1.6 million goal. He is scheduled to meet with this group again next week. When something definitive happens with this or the other organization (see the 2/6/02 posting on this page), we'll post an entry on this page.


Free NASDAC memberships for churches and charitable organizations! 

NASDAC, our discount buying club, has thousands of sponsored memberships available for churches. Your church could sign up all of it's members to participate in NASDAC. The membership normally costs $15 but while supplies last it will be absolutely free. NASDAC members can buy UCSA products at substantial savings and they are automatically registered to receive free electricity at no extra cost. In addition to this, the church will received an allocation of 13,000 kWh of electricity for free each year (once we release the technology) for each member it signs up. NASDAC will sell this power and give the proceeds to the church. At our target price of 5˘/kWh, this would represent $650 per member per year.  If you would be interested in this offer, please click here to get more details.

Your employer could sign up it employees for NASDAC! 
We are looking for companies who would like to sign up their employees to be NASDAC members.  Companies with 100 or more employees, can recruit or sponsor their employees to participate in NASDAC. They can either recruit their employees to sign up for NASDAC or they can sponsor their employees at a cost of $15 per person (a great addition to a benefits package). For each employee that joins, the company will be given an allocation of 13,000 kWh of electricity each year for each recruited employee. We do have some NASDAC memberships which have already been paid for, so these memberships could be free to your employees while supplies last.  If the company sponsors their employees, it will be allocated an additional 26,000 kWh of electricity each year for each sponsored employee (total of 39,000 kWh per year per employee). If the company qualified for the full 39,000 kWh per employee and if we can sell the electricity for 5˘/kWh, that would be $1950 per year per employee to the company. If the company can sign up enough employees so that all of its electricity needs can be met for free, NASDAC will eventually install equipment on site and disconnect the company from the grid. If the company doesn't sign up enough employees to meet this goal, NASDAC will sell all the electricity the company was allocated and give the proceeds to the company.  If the company qualifies to have equipment installed on site but still has additional allocation due, NASDAC will sell the excess power and give the company the commission. Employees who become NASDAC members, will received 26,000 kWh of electricity each year on their home when UCSA releases the technology. The employees can also purchase all the great products at discounted prices.  We think this is a situation in which everyone wins. If you would be interested in this offer, please click here to get more details.

Engine modification ready
UCSA has completed final testing one of the engine modifications technologies that they have been working on. It is called Miracle Mileage (name may change). They demonstrated it last week to the mechanics in the installation training school and it got between 3 and 4X the fuel efficiency of engine before it was modified. UCSA should give final prices on the parts kit to dealers next week. 


New partner wants to register remainder of 1.6 million people! 

For all of you who have been recruiting people for our free electricity technology, time may be growing short to reach the referral goal you have set for yourself. We have know for several months that UCSA was in discussions with several charitable organizations who have expressed interest in registering their members for our NASDAC program. We  just learned that UCSA appears to be in the final negotiating stage with one of these organizations. This organization have expressed an interest in register the remainder of people needed to reach our the 1.6 million goal. The church would register these people as NASDAC members. We should know in a few of weeks if a deal has been reached. Once this occurs, we expect that it will take the organization a few months (or it could take less) to get all the people registered. So, if you have a goal in mind for the number of people you want to recruit or sponsor for free electricity, now is the time to get busy. It is possible that the organization will want an exclusive agreement to recruit the remaining people. If this happens, the only way others will be able to participate in potential income opportunity would be to sponsor members for the church at a cost of $15 per member. If this agreement occurs, we will post a message to this page.


Convenient new methods to pay $5 processing fee! 

We have implemented some new methods of paying the $5 processing fee to make it easier for you. If you have a PayPal account, you can send your $5 payment using PayPal by clicking here. If you would like to pay your $5 fee via Visa or Master Card, click here. If you have an eGold account, you can pay your $5 fee by send to eGold account number 256258.

Change in free electricity sign up procedures 
As you may be aware, we changed the methods of allowing people to register for free electricity on 12/27/02 (see the entry for 12/26/02 below for details) We are still having trouble with people paying their $5 fee promptly. So, we are implementing a new policy starting today of only issuing a certificate once the $5 fee has been paid. We already had a policy of not shipping a video and registration until the video was paid for. As stated above, we have tried to make this as easy as possible by allowing payment online via PayPal, eGold or credit card. If you are one who sponsors others, you also will have to prepay before the certificates are mailed. If you sponsor other people in the free electricity program, our forms now permit you to register others but still pay using your own credit card or PayPal account.

Engine modifications 
UCSA is getting very close to releasing the new technologies for modifying cars for improved fuel efficiency. We are now accepting requests for information from those who would like to purchase a modification for you car, attend the school to to become a certified installer or to become a certified instructor. If you want to become a certified installer and/or instructor, we believe can make a lot of money with these exciting technologies.  


John Galt Show back on the air! 

You may recall that for several months last year, Dennis Lee had a weekly radio show that he called the John Galt show. Well, beginning Saturday 1/19/02 the radio program will go back on the air. It will occur each Saturday from 5 to 7 pm EST. You can hear the show via the internet at www.soundwaves2000.com/jgs/. The show will also be broadcast over short wave at 5.070 MHz (call sign WWCR). Tune in. We think you will enjoy it.

Example of media bias
You may suspect that the media (all forms) often displays a bias for their own views. We have suspected that for year. During this past week I had first hand experience with their bias. I was contracted by a web site which claims to look after the interests of consumers by warning them of scams. They sent us an email letting us know that we were under investigation for running a scam. They wanted to give us a chance to respond before publishing a negative story on their web site. I spent a couple of hours over several emails presenting evidence that we were not a scam. In the final analysis, they showed very little (if any) objectivity. They plan to write the negative story about us. I've provided a link to a transcript of the email exchange that occurred. Decide for yourself if they were objective.

Kentucky show 
The show in Kentucky on 12/28 went off without a hitch. The AG's office did threaten to get an injunction against the show. But in the final analysis, they did not do anything to interfere with the show. 


One more public show this year! 

As you are probably aware, UCSA did a national tour in 2001 and performed an energy show in every state of the US except the State of Kentucky. The Kentucky Attorney General's office denied UCSA their free speech and their right to peacefully assemble (see the update on 10/10/01 on this page for details). One of the 2000 independent business owners in the UCSA network recently decided to sponsor a public awareness demonstration in order to capture the technical demonstration on video for world wide distribution. This independent businessman decided to hold a public awareness show in Kentucky after having heard the way the State of Kentucky Attorney General's office prevented the free speech rights of UCSA. He feels the people of Kentucky should also have the right to be informed about their opportunity to receive free electricity.

So, there will be a FREE public awareness show in Louisville, Kentucky on December 28th. The show is open to the public and to the media. It is being held at the Galt House Hotel, 141 N. 4th St., Louisville, KY 40202.  It will start at 7 PM. 

So, if you missed our 2001 tour, you have one more chance to see the show. We would love to see you there. Or, if you want to come support us in our attempt to make sure that our free speech rights are not violated, you welcome you as well. 

New sign-up methods for free electricity! 
We want to let you know that we have changed our free electricity registration offers. We have eliminated the two “free registration” options: “free registration, pay $500 later” and “free registration, sign up 5 friends”. We have also added a new method of registering, purchasing a video for $14.95 (plus shipping & handling). You may want to visit our offer page to view the latest offers. 

This change has been precipitated by two factors. First, we have run out of free electricity certificates (temporarily). We still have people register every day, so we have to order more certificates from UCSA. We have to pay for the certificates and we can no longer afford pay for them out of our pocket. That is why we have eliminated the two “free registration” methods. The remaining methods of registering will be self-funding. Second, the “free registration” methods did not yielding the desired results, especially the “sign up 5 friends” option. We had hoped that people would use this method to trade their labor for a “free registration” for themselves. But people simply have not upheld their end of the bargain. Only 2% have fulfilled their obligation to get 5 others to register and a whopping 78% have not gotten any of the referrals they committed to get.


New Technology to Improve Fuel Efficiency 

UCSA has begun a training program for dealers and their associates to teach four new technologies for dramatically improving fuel efficiency on cars and trucks. The first new technology to be available is called TEEG (Truly Efficient Energy Generation). Pricing and part should be available to order for TEEG by the ed of February 2002. This technology is expected to improved fuel efficiency by a factor of two or more. Preliminary indications are that this product will cost  $1000 or less installed. It will work on car and truck engines of all types (carbureted, fuel injected, diesel) and sizes. The other three technologies are also being taught in the training. The pricing and parts for these three are expected to be available by late February 2002. Some of these products will give even greater efficiencies than TEEG but may also cost more.

If you are a mechanic or shop owner and would be interested in attending the training and partnering with this dealership, please email us to express your interest. The training costs $1000 and lasts for five days. Slots are available for the training session beginning on 1/7/02. There will be a new training session beginning each Monday. Those who attend the training will be certified to install all four types of modifications but may also qualify to train others. Both installation and training offer a great opportunity for a significant income. This opportunity is not open to the public. You must work through a UCSA dealer.


Shopping Cart Now Available

We have been working on a major group of enhancements to our web site for some months. We now have a shopping cart facility that allows you to conveniently buy multiple products in one order right over the internet. The cart automatically computes the shipping charges and you can charge your purchase using either Visa or MasterCard. To access the shopping cart, simply click on 'Shopping cart' in the navigation bar on the left side of the screen.


GEET Update

Until further notice, we will not be able to sell GEET licenses or install GEET engine modifications. The inventor of this technology refuses to train our dealers to do the installations and he refuses to supply us with parts. Both of these actions are in violation of his contract with UCSA. He has also obtained a temporary restraining order preventing UCSA from providing the training or manufacturing parts. The restraining order was obtained through trickery by not providing UCSA with enough advance warning of the hearing date to even be represented at the hearing. We plan to appeal the decision and fight to uphold the contract. In the mean time, stay tuned to this page for information about new products in this area of improved fuel efficiency. If you are interested in this technology, send us an email and we can notify you when we have either resolved the legal issues or have replacement products available.


2001 Nation Tour finally complete

Well, the 2001 national tour has finally been completed (almost) successfully. Dennis Lee is currently seeking a way to go back to Kentucky and do a show (see the 10/10/01 update below) that he was prevented from doing. He's currently in Washington DC speaking with senators and congressmen. He's trying to find out if any of them are interested in defending his free speech rights in Kentucky. He is also pursuing possible legal action (injunction) to allow him to do the show in Kentucky.

Getting 9 more post release
A lot of people have asked me if there will be any financial incentive for getting people to register after the technology is released. Dennis Lee talked about that on today's conference call. He stated once again that we currently do not plan to provide direct financial incentive for getting these 9 additional people to register. The incentive will be that you will get your unit faster. The $9000 (9 people paying $1000 or more to register) will cover the cost to manufacture, ship and install your unit. UCSA is stall planning to give each person somewhere between 30 and 60 days to get the 9 additional registrations. If you can't get the job done in that period of time, your UCSA dealer will have the opportunity to get the registrations on your behalf. But if it takes him a while to get the job done, your free electricity may be delay.


Attention Public Awareness Kit buyers

Those of you who have purchased Public Awareness Kits (one of several methods we offer that allows you to register for free electricity) know that you had the option to sign up nine (this not related to the opportunity you will have to sign up 9 more people after the technology has been released) more people to receive free electricity at no additional cost. Up to this point there has not be a limit associated with this offer. UCSA has decided to impose a deadline. This offer will expire at the latest  when we have registered 1.6 million people to receive free electricity. The offer may expire earlier than this date at UCSA's discretion. This will serve as your notice of this change for anyone who has purchased a Public Awareness Kit from this dealership. 


Dirty tricks from Texas AG's Office

As you may be aware, Dennis Lee had a show scheduled in Austin Texas on 10/21. The show was being held in a private facility, a church.  Someone from the Texas  Attorney General's office called the church to try to get them to prevent the show to using their facility. They came close to succeeding. But in the final analysis, there was not substance to their claims of wrong doing. If there had been, the AG would have been able to "legally" stop the show and he could have had Dennis Lee arrested. Fortunately, the show went on as scheduled.


Will attendance at the public demos will be required?

A few people have attended some of the tour shows recently and have heard something that I was not aware of. They indicated that Dennis Lee is saying that attendance at one of the public demonstrations (this is not the same as attending one of the tour shows which is optional) on the day the technology is released be required. I asked Dennis about this issue on the conference call today. I said that this is is true. All confirmation letters send out as of 10/15/01 will make this clear. They haven't made this clear before this point because Dennis (an I for what it's worth) assumed that everyone would want to come to see our amazing technology in person once it was released. You know what they say about assume, "it makes an ass out of you and me". Well that certainly was the case here. Dennis has been getting a feedback lately that shattered his assumption. So he has added made it requirement. It is only reasonable. If we can't get people to show up to see the release then we won't be able to prove to the opposition that we have the pubic support behind us. That would be an open invitation to do everything they can (legal and illegal) to stop us. We must have a strong showing of pubic support to be able to bring this technology to the market. It will be very important to have a big crowd a each pubic demonstration site. If we don't, the opposition will continue the kind of dirty tricks they pulled in Kentucky. If you are not able to attend for any reason (sick, out of the country, etc.), you will be able to send a representative with a notarized letter from you stating at they are representing you.

When will we release the technology? 
I've also heard from some people that have gone to some of the recent public shows that we will release the technology on July 4, 2002. Dennis Lee has in fact made statements to this effect at a few of the shows. When asked about it on the conference call Dennis Lee provided the following explanation. Dennis was recently a guest on a radio talk show (this happen fairly regularly). The host repeatedly asked Dennis when he planned to release the technology. Dennis wouldn't give a date. Finally the host said he would like to release the technology on July 4, 2002. Dennis was struck by this date. He is very patriotic and he believes that the release of release of our technology will be instrumental in gaining back some of the freedoms we have lost in this country. The July 4th date has been significant on several occasions in UCSA's history already. So, Dennis said has said at several shows since that radio show that it could be that the technology will be released on July 4, 2002. When asked about this on today's conference call, Dennis added some clarification that I want to share. We will release the technology very soon after (allow some time to pick the sites, coordinate the installations and notify everyone that is registered) 1.6 million people have been registered. If this happens before 7/4/02, then we will release the technology earlier. 

Kentucky AG continues his dirty tricks! 
It appears that when the Kentucky AG (Attorney General)  is not with his attacks on UCSA. You may recall from the 10/10/01 status update that he had Dennis Lee arrested of supposedly violating Kentucky law even though not done anything in that state yet. His latest round of vicious attacks was an attempt to get the show in West Virginia cancelled. The Charleston, West Virginia show was scheduled on 10/10. The Kentucky AG faxed material to the individual that owned the private hall where the Charleston was to be held. The strategy worked as the hall owner didn't allow the show to be held at his facility. The day of the show, UCSA was able to get another hall a couple of miles away but a lot of people didn't find out about the show. 


News Flash: Dirty Tricks by Kentucky AG!
If you have read earlier entries in the status update page (see below), you are aware that we have been having significant resistance to our tour. Up to this point, Attorney Generals in six states have issued temporary restraining orders against Dennis Lee. They have taken these actions in an attempt to get us to stop having our tour shows. Thus far, their strategy has not been effective since each show has taken place as planned. 

Well, now they have gone even further in their attempt to stop us.  Prior to the show in Kentucky, the state's Attorney General's office contacted UCSA and asked that we not do a show in their state. Our representative said we planned to do the show but we would not knowingly violate any of their laws. We asked them to send a copy of the applicable laws. The only law they sent that seemed to apply related to discount buying clubs and required a disclosure statement if the membership fee was more than $35. You will recall that the fee to join our NASDAC club is only $15. So Dennis Lee decided to do the show. He was going to attach a copy of that law to each NASDAC application just to cover all the bases. 

I just learned that Dennis Lee was arrested in Louisville Kentucky on October 8, 2001. On this occasion, the police detective who served Dennis Lee the papers wanted to know if he was still planning to conduct his show that evening. When Dennis said he was, then the detective said he was going to arrest him. Dennis said that he was not intending on violating any of the Kentucky's laws but that he would like to do the show. He invited the detective to the show so that he could make sure no laws were violated. Dennis had already had someone research what he thought were the applicable laws in Kentucky and he was even planning on handing out copies of these laws at the show. The detective refused to allow the show to begin. Dennis suggested that he would have one of his associates conduct the show. The detective said that anyone who attempted to speak at the the show  would be arrested and that all of the show equipment would be confiscated. So, in the final analysis the detective arrested Dennis and the show was canceled. Bear in mind that this was before Dennis could have done anything to violate the laws of Kentucky. 

Dennis Lee was arraigned before a judge in Louisville and his bail was set at $50,000 cash (a difficult amount of money to raise). Dennis was not allowed to speak at his arraignment. The charges were as follows: 1) not displaying a business license 2) not having business office registered in Kentucky  3) misrepresenting the potential earning claims for a business. The Attorney General of the state asserted that Dennis was going to sell a business opportunity in his meeting and that he was misrepresenting the potential earns associated with that business. We assume that he was referring the opportunity to be a NASDAC recruiter. We were finally able to get the required bail money to Dennis on 10/10 and Dennis has been released.

Let's analyze these charges. It's true that Dennis didn't display a business license for Kentucky and that he doesn't even have one. But it is also true that he didn't even start the show so there was not venue to display a business license. Was he suppose to have a business license hung around his neck when he entered the state? It's also true that he does not have a business registered in Kentucky. But then, he has never done any business in Kentucky. I wonder if all the people who operate a home business in Kentucky have a business license and have a registered business office. He still hasn't done any business in Kentucky since the show was canceled. He also didn't  misrepresenting the business opportunity since the show was canceled. In the final analysis, Dennis didn't violate any of these laws because he never had the show. That means that they violated his rights that are guaranteed in the US Constitution: freedom of assembly (1st Amendment) , freedom of speech (1st Amendment) and "Obligation" to contract (article 1, section 10, paragraph 1) . 

In the book "Alice in Wonderland", uses the phrase "sasparillias law" to describes a law that means whatever the authorities want it to mean in a given context. It seems to me that what Dennis did was violate some sasparillias laws in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The authorities are interpreting those laws to mean anything they want them to mean and holding Dennis accountable for their interpretation. Dennis use to point out examples of sasparillias laws that on the books in each state when he had his weekly radio show. 

This country uses a legal principals which states that ignorance of the law is not excuse for not obeying it. There is a principle in common law (which our country was based upon) that states there must be a victim in order for there to be a crime. The principle of ignorance of the law makes sense in the common law context because we all intuitively know when we are injuring someone else. It has been estimated that the federal government has over 60,000,000 laws on the books. No telling how many laws each state has on the books. I suspect that this means that every single person living in America is breaking one or more laws every day. You have to wonder when the "authorities" are coming to arrest you!  

The resistance we are experiencing on this tour is real folks! There are people out there who want to stop us and evidently the are willing to almost anything to do it. Not because we are bad but because they want to maintain the status quo. Our plans threaten their economic foundation. The best thing we can do to set ourselves free of their grip is continue to spread the word about our "free electricity" project.


Radio Show has been canceled
For the past several weeks you haven't heard Dennis Lee's weekly radio show on the air. The radio station decided to air another show in our time slot and internet channel even though we have pre-paid for the time time slot for two years. They never bothered to notify us that they had moved our show to a second channel on the station. Most people thought we were off the air and in fact it took us three weeks to find out what had happened to our show. We thought they weren't even broadcasting it any more. We lost most of our audience during this period. Based on these circumstances, Dennis Lee decide not to continue with the weekly broadcast. The show archives are still available.  

Resistance in New Mexico 
Another state has served Dennis Lee with a temporary restraining order. This time it was New Mexico. We noticed a pattern in these restraining orders. They seem to draw a lot of their material from other states who have issued them, often using the exact same wording. The New Mexico quoted from the report of an "investigator" from the Oregon Attorney Generals office who attended the show. This "investigator" made 18 statements in his report and 17 of these statements are inaccurate. For example, he says we are charging people $9000 for one of these units. This is a misquote of a statement that Dennis Lee makes in the shows where he says it will cost $9000 to build, ship & install a unit. We have never said we would charge people $9000 to get a unit. He also says that we charge from $15 to $9000 to enroll people in the NASDAC program. Again this is incorrect. The one time fee to join NASDAC (a discount buying club) is $15 and a free benefit is that the individuals are registered to receive free electricity at no additional cost. It turns out that the restraining order will have no effect since it enjoins us from selling the right to participate in the free electricity offer. This is something that we never do anyway so it's not hard to comply with.

Dennis Lee continues to meet high profile people who can help us reach of goal of more than 1,6000,000 people register for free electricity. He recently met an entrainment promoter. This guy says he can introduce Dennis Lee to lots of celebrities. He also says he can get our NASDAC program mentioned on the Branson Missouri web site which evidently gets 1,000,000 hits per day.


Large Groups May Help Us Reach the 1.6M Goal
There are several things that are happening that could make it possible to achieve our goal of registering 1.6 million people for free electricity faster than we had anticipated. I'll mention two of the things that are in the works. One of our UCSA dealers put Dennis Lee in contact with a person that has one of the largest downline organizations in one of the largest, and best known multi-level marketing  companies in the US. Dennis and this gentleman are discussion the possibility of registering his downline for free electricity by having each of them join our discount buying club, NASDAC. Another UCSA dealer has introduced Dennis Lee to a former NFL player who now pastors a church with 12,000 members. This individual is also involved in multilevel marketing and he will be talking to Dennis Lee about introducing our program to the people in his downline organization. He believes he can get 1,000,000 to become members of NASDAC. Those who are currently trying to get people to register for free electricity so that they can earn a future income should redouble their efforts as the window of opportunity could close faster than we anticipated. 

UCSA, in conjunction with the Full Gospel Businessmen's Fellowship International, is sponsoring a dinner honoring the president of Nigeria in Washington DC on September 21. U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft is scheduled to be in attendance. Dennis Lee will be present and he should have an opportunity to meet Mr. Ashcroft. President Bush may also stop by the event. We are not sure if this event will be affected by the recent terrorist attack in New York and Washington DC.


Ad announcing national tour

UCSA has finally been able to get a full page ad in a national publication. The ad is in the September 10 issue of Newsweek that came out this past Monday. The ad is next to page 48 in the marketplace section of the magazine. The ad discusses the national tour and what is demonstrated at each show.  The issue went to all subscriber in the US and is on newsstands in 20 major cities.

Dennis Lee's radio show has been off the air for the past two weeks due to an mix up in the scheduling at Truth Radio. The problem has been corrected and the show is now back on the air each week. Truth Radio has now has two internet stations. So if you don't find the show on one station, check the other station.

At the Alaska show, Dennis talked about the Exxon Valdez oil spill.  He demonstrated our Hydro-Weed product which can pick up oil out of water or the ocean. It absorbs 17 times its own volume in oil and when the oil is picked up you can't get the oil back out. He talked about how Hydro-Weed could have been used to clean up the oil spill without the any loss of wild life. Dennis said Hydro-Weed wasn't used because the people doing the clean up wanted to recover as much oil as possible. If they had used Hydro-Weed they wouldn't have been able to recover the oil. The audience was very upset when they heard this information. 

The Attorney General of Alaska served Dennis Lee with a restraining order very similar to the one from Washington state (see 8/29 update below). The Attorney General in Oregon served Dennis Lee a restraining order as well. All of these restraining orders are an attempt to prevent us from getting our message about our products and free electricity out to the public. The strategy is not working thus far as we have done every show in the tour to date.

The Attorney General in Arizona has served subpoenas to all of the UCSA dealers in that state demanding  the names of all the people who have "purchased" a certificate to receive free electricity. None of the dealers in Arizona or any other state that I'm aware of has every sold a free electricity certificate. Many of the dealers have sold videos or asked people to pay a small processing fee to be registered. This is NOT the same thing as selling the certificate. The certificate itself is FREE. It's amazing that the Arizona AG is trying to stop us since Arizona is one of the most active states on environmental issues in the country. I can't think of anything that is more environmentally friendly than our technology. 


Washington state

The latest news about harassment on tour is that the Attorney General in the state of Washington served Dennis Lee with a restraining order that precludes UCSA from registering anyone in that state to receive free electricity even if it costs them noting to register. Last time I checked, it wasn't illegal to give someone a gift. The people that attended the show in Spokane were very angry at their Attorney General and have begun a petition drive to ask that she be removed from office. If they can get 25,000 signatures, it will force a special session of the legislature to look into the complaint. UCSA is also considering filing federal law suits against three states (Vermont, Maine and Washington) based upon violation of fundamental constitutional rights in those state when they issued restraining orders against UCSA. 

Media bias
The media is continuing to show who they really are on this tour. Their strategy during the 1999 tour was to give negative report about UCSA and try to dissuade people from attending the shows. They are using the same tactic during this tour. At most of the shows on this tour, there are TV crews that want to come into the show. Before allowing them to enter, they must sign a document that says they will abide by our request to leave the meeting if they are being disruptive and if they refuse that we are released from responsibility for any damage that might occur to their equipment. Most of them will not sign the document. The few who will sign it, typically come into the show and film about 5 minutes of footage at the first part of the show. Then they pack up and leave. They don't even stay to see any of the free electricity technology demonstrations. Then they air a very negative news report about the show. They can truthfully say that they attended the show but what they don' say is that they didn't stay to see any of the free electricity technology demonstrations.

TV media is  not the only media acting in a dishonest way. At one recent show, UCSA took out a large newspaper ad that cost $1400 to advertise the show. The newspaper ran a very negative story about the show in the same edition of the paper that contained the ad. The story wasn't based on an accurate account of the show by someone who had attended the entire show but was a biased report saying that no one can do what we are claiming. The article encouraged people not to attend the show. So not only are they presenting biased reports but they are also taking money for advertising and then telling people not to go to the show in the same edition of the paper that the ad appeared in.  This is yet another example of why so few people in this country knows about what we are trying to do. We can't get the media to tell the truth about us. Our only choice is to do a national tour so we can take our story directly to the people in this country. 

Show attendance
The crowds at the shows continue to be packed. At several shows we've been able to bring in extra chairs or open up additional sections for seating. At a number of shows people have not even been able to get into the show because there wasn't room. So, if you plan to attend a show, come early. In Denver, there has been such incredible demand for the show that UCSA has added a second show. The first show is on 9/19 and the second show will be on 9/22. Both Denver shows will be in the same location. 

UCSA has devised two methods of supporting those people who recruit for NASDAC. There is a phone number that NASDAC recruiters can call to get a status update, 212-461-2747. You can call this number any time and listen to the recorded message. There will also be a weekly conference call on Saturdays between 1-3 EST so NASDAC recruiters can get their questions answered. Email us if you want the phone number for this call. 


Resistance on the Tour

The tour has started and we are getting some resistance from lawyers and judges on the tour. In the first two weeks of the tour, Dennis Lee has had two temporary restraining orders placed on him, Maine and Vermont.

In Maine, the temporary restraining order prevented NASDAC (our North American Special Discount Associates Club, a discount buying club) from registering people in Maine to receive free electricity at no additional cost when the join NASDAC. It also prevents NASDAC from paying commissions to people in Maine who encourage members to purchase products from the club. Both of these are based on the fact that some lawyer told the judge that making electricity at no operating cost is impossible. As far as we know the lawyer has never seen our demonstrations and we don't have any evidence that he is an expert in physics. We can't understand why the judge would not allow us to register people to receive free electricity if it doesn't cost them anything. We also can't understand why the judge would prevent us from paying sales commissions. The temporary restraining order didn't prevent us from doing the public show in Maine. The judge's order tried to abridge our right contract which is guaranteed in the US Constitution. We're confident it will be overturned when a hearing is held.

In Vermont, an assistant Attorney General tried to get a temporary restraining order preventing us from even having our show in that state. The restraining order actually precluded Dennis Lee from conducting a "sales meeting". But the Attorney General's office issued a press release that said Dennis Lee wouldn't even be allowed to have the meeting. So the effect of the actual restraining order was similar to what was done in Maine. Last time I checked, people in America still had the right of free speech and the right of assembly. We have no idea why a judge would try to restrict our free speech rights (sales presentation).  The assistant Attorney General attempted to intimidate the hotel from allowing the meeting to occur. Before the show started, the evening news interviewed the Attorney General who said "we shut them down tonight" indicating that the show would not occur. In the end, the meeting went on as scheduled. 


I just got back from the annual UCSA dealer's convention which was held on 7/20 through 7/21. It was a great convention. I am more excited that ever about what UCSA is doing.

2001 Tour
UCSA began their 2001 Good News Tour on 7/21. We are still have a long way to go to achieve our goal of registering 1.6 million people before we can release our "free electricity" technology. This tour  will be critical to registering the rest of the 1.6 million "witnesses". 

You may be wondering why we need the 1.6 million witnesses. Well, we are battling for the minds and hearts of the American people. During the 1999 tour and since then, the media and other groups (Better Business Bureau, BBB) have been telling lies about us. Their strategy seems to have been to keep people from coming to one of our shows to see the truth for themselves. In 1999, their strategy was fairly successful. People stayed away from the shows in droves. But this time, we MUST have the support of the America people. Many of you think we live in a free enterprise economy. But there is lots of evidence to indicate that our economy is really controlled by big business and their allies, big government. But there is still one force in America that overcome big business and big government, the people themselves. If we can get a critical mass (we think 1.6 million should do it) of people who know what we want to do, then we believe we can overcome the odds and bring some really great inventions to America. We think these inventions (see Technology Update below) could even begin to change the economic climate of America back to a true free enterprise, open market system.

In order to make the tour a success, we really need for the American people to show their support for our project by coming out to the tour show nearest them. We believe people will be VERY impressed with what they see. The show is fairly long (3 hours) but it is packed with incredible demonstrations. At the end of the show, Dennis Lee shares our plan to eliminate the pollution in America that is caused by oil, gas and coal fueled power plants over a five year period. With the other technologies that are demonstrated at the show, you will see how we could eliminate all the pollution caused by cars and truck also. 

We think that most people who come to the show will register to receive "free electricity". Reactions to the first three shows has been very favorable. To get the support of the American people, we are bribing the people. This is the same thing that politicians have done for decades. They make all kinds of promises about what they will do for you if they are elected. At the end of the show, Dennis Lee will bribe those who attend in two ways. First, he will show how they can get register to receive free electricity. And second, he talks about how you can potentially make a lot of money getting your friends to register also (income opportunities).  If the tour is successful in getting people to register and those people can get their friends to register, we'll get the 1.6 million witnesses we need. If that happens, we should be able to release the technology late this year or early next year. 

It might be helpful to suggest who should attend the show and who should not attend. You probably shouldn't attend if you have already registered for free electricity and just want to see some of the technology yourself. BUT if you want to help us get to the point where we can release the technology and are willing to get your friends to register, you will want to attend. 

If you haven't registered because you are skeptical, then you should defiantly attend. If you think what we are doing is dishonest in any way, we encourage you to invite someone from your state Attorney General's office to attend. If you think our technology won't do what we claim because it breaks the laws of physics, then you should invite a physics professors from  your local college or university to attend the show. Anyone can bring their own test meters (amp probe and volt meters) to measure the results of our tests. If you have heard some of the lies that the BBB has been spreading about us, the you should insist that someone from your local  affiliate attends the show. 

Technology Update
UCSA demonstrated several new technologies at the dealer convention: GEET Fuel Processor, Bio Mass engine modification, and Tornado Engine. The tour show also demonstrates these technologies. 

The GEET (Global Environmental Energy Technology) Fuel Processor is a modification for any carbureted or diesel engine. They hope to have a version for fuel injected engines in the next few months. This device modifies the fuel before it is introduced into the engine in such a way that it burns more efficiently. The result is improved gas mileage and  reduced pollution. Two types of modifications are possible: fuel only or fuel and water mixture. The fuel only modification is reported to improve gas mileage by 2 or more current levels. The fuel and water mixture modification uses 20% fuel and 80% water. Dealers all across America are sending mechanics to school to be certified to make this modification. Preliminary reports from those who have modified their vehicles are very encouraging. We hope to be able to get one of our vehicles modified soon so that we too can testify of greatly improved mileage. We'll keep you posted.

The Bio Mass engine modification allows ordinary car engines to use bio mass (corn and other grains, grass clippings, etc.) to be burned as the fuel. The inventor perfected this technology back in 1974 during the oil crisis. He drove a modified mail jeep for 25,000 miles using a single 60 pound sack of corn as the fuel. WOW! It also improves the power of the engine by about 25% over conventional fuels. The technology works by using a plasma arc at 100,000 degrees to vaporize the bio mass. The vapors are then cooled and injected onto the engine in place of gasoline. The inventor tried to interest the Postal Service in the invention since they were having trouble delivering the mail due to the fuel shortage. He says the Postal Service had a big meeting with lots of government agencies represented. They spent hours telling him why he couldn't release the technology in America. Then the representative from the US Patent Office tore up his patent. It's taken over two decades to protect his invention by patenting it in other countries. But he's almost ready to release it to the world. Imagine, this single invention could completely eliminate the US dependence upon foreign oil and give our farmers another market for their grain crops. 

The Tornado Engine (same inventor as the Bio Mass engine modification) is a brand new engine design. The demonstration engine was small, about the size of a four cylinder gas engine. But it produces an incredible 1600 horse power. It uses a small amount of fuel (about the amount used by two cylinders of a old Volkswagen Beetle engine) to heat up the reaction chamber and to create a tornado in the engine. Once the tornado is formed (less than a minute), the replace the fuel with a water mist. The tornado tears the water molecule into the oxygen and hydrogen components and then burns that mixture. The engine puts steam out which is then cooled and released into the atmosphere. The demo model of the engine is powerful enough to drive a 500 kw version of the Sundance generator. Smaller versions of the engine could power a car and somewhat larger versions could power trains and airplanes.

UCSA has had demo units of the Sundance generator for the past year. So it's not new. But an update is still in order. Last year we knew the Sundance was a great generator but we didn't know how good it is. The best generators that you can buy on the market today are about 60% efficient. At the dealers convention, they demonstrated that the Sundance is at least 100% efficient. They will be doing the same demonstration at each tour show. In the 1999 tour, we demonstrated that the Hummingbird motor is 500% efficient in 45 cities. No one ever disproved our findings. On this tour, we're demonstrating the Sundance live and showing a video from the 1999 tour demonstration of the Hummingbird. People at the shows are really getting excited when they see the potential Sundance/Hummingbird combination as a home unit.