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Seeing is Believing!

The Public Awareness Kit gives you the opportunity to review ALL the following material for FREE for two full weeks!

"The Alternative"

The book written by Dennis Lee in prison, "The Alternative", chronicles the story of what it has taken to overcome powerful self interest groups and their political cronies!  There are over 200 pages of documents to support his version of what happened to him.

Technology Videos

Six hours of video of various technologies. One video shows our complete product line. The video is filled with demonstrations of technologies, each of which are revolutionary in their field. The second video shows research project of inventions that we believe will be products in the future. The third video is a technology show that was done in July 2000. It shows the latest in our free electricity technologies.  This last video can be viewed on this web site.  Here is some of what is on the videos.

Products Dealers Have Marketed

Sample Technologies That Could Be Released

The Public Awareness kit is no longer available. The above information is presented to give you an idea of the kind of information were made available to public in order to gain public support for our grass roots effort to bring out free energy technologies and other advanced technologies.