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Please note: This page is updated any time there is something significant to report on our attempt to release free energy and engine modification technologies. If there has not been a new posting for a while, it only means that there is nothing significant to report. Please do no send us an email asking for a status update. All status updates will be posted on this page. Please do not ask us how many have people have registered for free electricity. We can't answer this question because UCSA does not release that information.

If you have not read the article Technology Project History, we encourage you do read it. It will provide a context for the information that is provided on this page.

2/2/2009 Federal Trade Commission files lawsuite

On February 2, 2009, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) filed a lawsuite against our supplier seeking to stop the company from marketing what they referred to as a "bogus fuel efficiency device". They are seeking a permant injuction against our supplier that will preclude us from selling any free electricity device or engine modification technology.

From my perpective as a dealers in the dealership network, this appears to be a major attach to stop what our supplier and what the dealership network has been trying to accomplish -- which is to provide more efficient energy technologies. In my view as a dealer, the FTC is being used as a weapon by the the powerful energy industry.

This is not to say that there have not been problems with the HAFC. There most certainly have been problems. the most common problem was that the HAFC would intially provide about a 50% increase in milage. But then, the programming in the ECU (Engine Control Unit) would return to its default setting and eliminate any improvement that had been achieve. This would require that the car be taken back to one of our traine mechanics to be re-tuned.

It seems to me, that our supplier has been in a very difficult position. They had to figure out how to move forward with our objectives while being constantly constrained by lack of money. Doing research on new products can be extremely expensive. There was a constant need to raise money for our R&D efforts. The way our supplier chose to do this was sell products. This lead to the decision to sell products that may not be fully tested, specifically the HAFC. There were those in the dealer network that encouraged our supplied not to sell the HAFC to the general pubilc but this advice was ignored. The supplier always believed were were very close to perfecting the device. From my perspective, it appeared that most of the problems our supplier was trying to overcome was an built in bias within the ECU that controls vehicle engines to prevent fuel savings beyond 10% increase in fuel economy. We tried for many months to defeat this bias in the ECU but our supplier was not successful before the lawsuite was filed.

When the FTC filed the case, they were granted a temporary injuction. They froze our suppliers bank accounts and while the case was progressing, the company was precluded from selling any energy products. As you can imagine, this was financially devistating for the company as it is impossible to operate effectively without any funds.

12/20/2011 FTC Gets a Stipulated Restraining Order

On December 20, 2011, the FTC was granted a Stipulated Restraining Order against our supplier. In the order, our supplier and the FTC have agreed to certain terms under which the lawsuite will be ended. Though I am not an attorney, my reading of the order seems to preclude our supplier from selling the HAFC kits and from make false claims about the HAFC and perhaps other products. There are two time periods discussed in the Order, one period lasts 7 years and the other lasts 10 years. It is difficult for me to understand the legal language, so I am unclear on what happens at the end of the 7 and 10 year periods.

As a result of this settlement of the lawsuite, our supplier has stopped all R&D on the HAFC and PICC technologies. They have also stopped all efforts to sell these technologies and all other products. Our supplier has also stopped all efforts to register witnesses for the free electricity project. Our supplier has basically gone into a dormant stage.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Frankly it is diffcult to answer this question. I can say that if you have a Free Electricity certificate, I would hold onto it. We may (not sure) be able to honor these certificats as some future date.

If the status of our supplier and our efforts to release free energy techonologies changes at some future date, I will post the change in status on this page.