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What is taking so long?

You may know that we have do not plan to release free electricity until we get 1.6 million witnesses (other information on this web site explains why this is the case). You may be aware that we (this company and the other dealers who work for our the supplier of the technology) have been working on this goal for a long time (the goal of getting 1.6 million witnesses was set in 1997). You may wonder it is taking us so long to get the witnesses. This article will explore this topic.

Let's look at some of the factors that prevent individuals form accepting our offer of free electricity.

  1. We have discovered that most people in North America have a core belief that if something sounds to good to be true that it is not true. Because of this core belief, most people who give a casual look at our offer reject it. To understand how this core belief affect their decision, consider the ABC model developed by Dr. Albert Ellis, the founder of cognitive therapy. The ABC model attempts to explain how experiences, beliefs and actions interact. In the model A is an event that happens, B is what a person thinks about the event and C is their feelings which result from their thought processes. Step B can happen so quickly (under a second) that the person may not even be aware that any thinking has occurred. People will make their decisions based upon the feelings and bases upon their thought processes. No matter which of these decision approaches are used, the decision is directly influenced by what the person thinks and their thoughts are controlled by their core beliefs. Core beliefs come from early life experiences, picked up from the family we grew up in, and from the environment or culture around us. It is not clear which of these three influences created the core belief about something not being true if it sounds too good. What is clear is that most people share this core belief. As a result, most people will reject our offer of free electricity without giving it much thought at all. In fact most people, will not even give the offer much time or thought because their core belief prevents them form doing so. If they are willing to consider the offer of free electricity then they can be stopped by one of the other factors mentioned below.
  2. It should be fairly obvious that some people and groups in our society that will be hurt economically by a technology that can produce electricity without any ongoing fuel cost. These groups include companies like electric motor manufacturers, oil companies, coal companies, electricity producers and electricity distributors. We think you will agree that these groups are very wealthy and have a lot of influence with the media and government. We believe we have seen a lot of evidence that these groups have used their influence along with other influence groups like the media to influence society as a whole. Just one example of this kind of subtle influence can be seen in a core belief that says "if the information about a new technology does not come from a major recognized source like the media or a company like General Electric then it can not be relied upon". A lot of people reject our offer of free electricity due to this kind of thinking.
  3. Some people do not know how to evaluate the possibility of a free electricity technology and they will look to "experts" for an answer. The problem with "experts" is that they are people to and they are influenced by their own set of core beliefs. In fact, these "experts" are trained in universities were they are implanted with core beliefs that make it very hard for them to even consider the possibility of a free electricity technology. Our experience to day demonstrates that most "experts" will say "that is impossible" almost immediately. We believe that their core beliefs cause them to reply in this way. Their core belief may be something like "I am an expert in this field and if I do not know how to do something then it can not be done". Or they have been educated with certain "scientific principles" that make it almost impossible for them to believe that a free electirity technology is possible. There is a major problem with making a statement like "that is impossible". The statement is a negative and it is well accepted that a negative hypothesis can only be proven when all knowledge of the topic is known and understood. We think it is highly doubtful that any "expert" on the planet possesses all knowledge in this field. If these "experts" we intellectually honest they would say "I do not know how to do that". Most "experts" will not be this honest and they make their statement about it being impossible and most people believe them.
  4. Other people who do not know how to evaluate the possibility of a free electricity technology rely upon the media. The problem with the media is that have their own biases (core beliefs), they can be influenced by the groups discussed in number 2 and they rely on experts which are discussed in number 3. Thus far, we have not seen a single story from a major media outlet that did not misrepresent fact, rely on a biased "expert" or downright lie. These kinds of inaccurate stories have influenced a lot of people and turned them away from our offer of free electricity.
  5. Other people who do not know how to evaluate the possibility of a free electricity technology rely upon information they find on the Internet about us or our supplier. If someone wanted to research our claims that free electricity is possible, they will eventually be able to find some negative information. The problem they face at that point is trying to decide who to believe. Most people when faced with this kind of dilemma will decide to take no action which is a decision within itself. These people will usually do nothing and therefore not accept our offer.

When you take all of these factors into consideration, it should be obvious that is difficult to get our witnesses. We have not given up hope. We are still working toward our goal.